About Robert’s books

Robert Kelsey is the bestselling author of a series of “anti-self help, self-help” books that help people achieve their potential. Tackling what holds people back – whether it’s procrastination, fear of failure, poor confidence or feelings of being an outsider – Robert’s deeply-researched books combine the wisdom of the world’s most renowned self-help gurus with established psychology and his own experiences. This generates a unique approach: one first helping us understand what holds us back, before offering insights that can help us succeed. His books have sold over 100,000 copies and been translated in 12 languages.

“While other writers take people from zero to 100,” says Robert, “it is important, I think, to recognise that most people don’t start at zero. They start at minus 100 – having been mentally encumbered with the baggage of so many poor experiences and failures. Given this, many people approach self-help with a sense of desperation, as well as a nagging inner doubt regarding what’s possible.”

Robert’s texts offer a new approach. First they help generate an understanding of the insecurities that hold people back. Second, they encourage people to accept who they are, rather than try and develop alien personality traits. Third, they offer the practical tools needed for the journey ahead: usually involving strong goal setting, good planning and small but purposeful steps forward.

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