Robert Kelsey – author of What’s Stopping You? The Outside Edge and Get Things Done, co-founder of the Centre for Entrepreneurs and founder of Moorgate Communications is available for speaking engagements.

Subjects include:

  • What’s Stopping You? – how fear of failure can sabotage smart people’s careers
  • Seven steps to overcoming fear of failure
  • Understanding and overcoming insecurities
  • Goal setting and execution for smart people (who may have forgotten this vital step)
  • What’s Stopping You – being confident?
  • What’s Stopping You – being effective?
  • How to be a great manager (despite your insecurities)
  • How to change your attitude – and still get what you want
  • Overcoming prejudice, or shyness or feeling like you don’t belong
  • Objectives, strategy, tactics – and execution (for non-dummies)
  • How outsiders can succeed, despite the disadvantages
  • How misfits and outsiders can become great entrepreneurs
  • Management for small business owners
  • How outsiders can succeed in a world made by insiders

Robert Kelsey

Audiences can include (with potential subjects listed):

Management: barriers to success, leadership skills, team building, delegation, networking, the in-office entrepreneur, difficult people
Entrepreneurs: starting a business, partnerships, employing people, overcoming the fear, coping with stress
Employees and colleagues: a winning attitude, planning, delegation, project management, confidence, dealing with insecurities
Students: preparing for work/university, goal-setting, life-planning, motivation, coping skills, dealing with insecurities
Women: dealing with office politics, dealing with difficult people, confidence, life-planning, goal-setting, returning from career breaks, networking, entrepreneurship
Men: confidence, efficiency, dealing with difficult people, anger and depression, working with colleagues, team-building, networking, entrepreneurship

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